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If you like running, keep going right through the winter by joining your club’s harrier group. There is not only cross-country but also road races events to compete in. 
Cross-country running is good for you. All track athletes, even sprinters will benefit from winter running.  
Cross-country without doubt builds strength. It helps to develop leg strength through the hill work and the extra effort needed in soft conditions. It also builds core stability, (strength in hips, pelvis and lower back) improving your running posture, technique and efficiency.
The very nature of cross-country forces frequent changes in pace and effort, a skill often required in middle distance races.
For the track runner, the most important benefit is aerobic development.  In other words, you use the cross-country season to get fit enough to train seriously and harder for the next track season.

Of course there’s another reason for running cross-country
it’s fun!!!

Runners who stick to the track are like swimmers who always swim in a pool and have never experienced the fun of the surf.
Getting out and running freely in the open air over natural terrain is one of the joys of being a runner.
And so what if you’re not brilliant at it - as long as you acknowledge that the cross country season is part of your build up and the main goal is the summer you’ll find it not just worthwhile, but beneficial.

Harrier Information

Harrier Season 2017

Crosscountry, road and off road running is about to start and a busy season lies ahead. This includes the
Queenstown Mountain Run incorporating the New Zealand Mountain Running Championships.
With these in Queenstown this year a large number of Southland runners are expected to be competing, in fact
a number have already put their entry in, including last years U20 winner and world championship
representative Jack Beaumont.
Jack has made it clear he wants to make the New Zealand team again for the world champs, this time in
Championships for our leading runners include New Zealand secondary schools in Rotorua, national
crosscountry in Auckland, New Zealand half marathon champs in Christchurch and Masterton for the road
champs. And locally there are the Southland crosscountry, road and half marathon championship races, with
the half marathon incorporated in the Gore half, May 22nd (see page 8)
However, winter running is not all about championships – it’s for everyone, all ages. And this includes the
very popular handicap series. This is five races at various locations with points taken over all races with
valuable prizes for series winners. Seniors are 16 and over, although juniors (Under 16) can run in the longer
senior races. Best four races count for series points (means you can drop a bad race or not be penalised for
not competing in one of the events). Races are from 6 to 9km for seniors and around 3km for juniors with
handicap starts – fastest go off last, slowest get a head start.
All Athletic Southland winter races are open to everyone – however, runners not with a club pay a higher entry
fee and are not eligible for Southland medals and trophies.
If you want to walk the courses for exercise or to support family, friends or children you do not pay a race entry
– and as many of the courses are bush tracks and open country, why not get some exercise and watch the races
And there’s another good reason for running distance races in winter – it makes you better for track events.
Many of our greatest track runners have been good on grass and road – from Peter Snell to John Walker to the
Robertson twins.
Cross country without doubt builds strength. It develops leg strength through the hill work and extra effort
needed in soft conditions. It also builds core stability, (strength in hips, pelvis and lower back) improving
running posture, technique and efficiency. Balance is an under-rated and often ignored aspect of running. Good
balance helps your running and cross country promotes better balance and with it, improved coordination.
Sprinters as well as distance runners will benefit from running crosscountry. Tim Baker (Winton) had his best
ever track season, lowering his 400m PB by a big margin this year. Tim admits the crosscountry running he did
last winter contributed to his improvement. “And it’s fun” he adds.

Winter Programme

Download Winter Programme Here

Handicap series Points taken over all races with prizes for series winners. Juniors (U16) and Seniors categories. Juniors can race in Senior distances. Best four races count for series points (means you can miss an event or drop a bad race

Winter Series Cost:

$20 Registered / $30 Unregistered Athlete total Series Or

$5 Registered / $10 Unregistered Athlete per event


April       22nd      Opening run 3-6-9 km Queens Park

                29th       Club run – contact your local club for information

                30th       Gore Half Marathon      

May       13th       Handicap #1       Fosbender Track Otatara

                17th       Southland Secondary Schools Cross Country Championships

                27th       Handicap #2       Queens Park Invercargill

June      1st          Otago Southland Secondary Schools Cross Country

                3rd         Queens Birthday Weekend        

                4th         Christchurch Half Marathon       

                10th       Handicap #3       Millers Farm      

                17th       New Zealand SS Cross Country Champs Christchurch

                24th       Gore Cross Country handicap / NZ Marathon Champs Wellington

                25th       Balclutha Half Marathon               Balclutha

July        1st          McNaughton Farm Run Wyndham          

                8th         Southland Cross Country Champs            

                15th       Otago Cross Country Champs    

                22nd      Handicap #4 Heather Skerrett Age Grade             Elizabeth Park

                30th       NZ Cross Country Championships  Auckland       

August  12th       Clyde to Alex 10km                        

                19th       Southland Road Champs                              

                26th       Great Naseby Water Race Naseby Ultra 50-200km

Sept       2nd        NZ Road Champs Christchurch  

                9th         Handicap #5       Estuary Bond Street       

                16th       Masters Run      Forest Hill                           

                23rd       End of season prizegiving             Surrey Park 1&3 Km