Waverly Shield Results


Safety First




Safety is everyone’s concern and all who participate in athletics, whether competitor, official, organiser, coach, teacher or parent, must be safety conscious. All involved in athletics meetings and training sessions, whether at Surrey Park or other venues, should be familiar with the Athletics Southland safety policy and safety guidelines.

Outside of organised meets, athletics is an individual sport with athletes often training by themselves or in small groups. This puts the emphasis on individuals to look after themselves and each other when training. So individuals must also be aware of the safety issues.

Remember too, Surrey Park and most athletic grounds, including school grounds, are used by the general public for recreation and training. Athletes and groups training MUST be aware of others in the area, particularly children, who may not appreciate the potential dangers.

The safety requirements here cover both Surrey Park and outside venues and should also be observed by schools using their own grounds.

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Juniors 5-14 years of age

Link to Junior Roster 2018-19        Link to Waverly Shield A & B Programme

Summer (Athletics) Track & Field for Junior Athletes (14 years of age and under) is administered by the Athletics’ Southland's Track & Field Committee. 

The committee is a small group of keen volunteers who work hard for our sport. If you would like to become involved in this committee or any part of the administrative group, please contact us at sthldtrackfield@gmail.com - you will be more than welcome.

Parent Help 
Unlike many other sports, athletics is dependent on the active participation of an athlete’s parent, for the smooth running of competition days.
As most parents usually stay at the grounds throughout the day, where possible we hope that you and your club will assist with the running of the events.
We will provide training on the day plus through the clubs for you so that you can actively assist. Please note that one of the best places to watch is in the arena while helping. If you would like to become a official or coach – please see your club reps and they will help to arrange for this to happen.

Equipment Set up and Pack up 
Please help out with the set up and at the end of the day the pack up of equipment.
If your club is on long jump maybe the digging over of the long jump pit. Discus helping with the nets.


General Information

Season Programme & Important Dates

The Season Programme Booklet is available from your club, they list the venues and dates of each event, as well as the rules for each event.
It pays to bring a highlighter, a different colour for each of your children, and highlight what events they are doing and when.
It also provides a wide range of information about athletics that is useful to be aware of.

Club Duties Roster

Each club competing has a duty to perform at each meet, your club will need a minimum of 4 parents.
The duties are to be found in the season programme booklet.

Finish Line

One parent from each club is needed to assist on the finish line to:

  • Hand out either the lane discs on the finish line, or the finishing order discs.
  • Lap recorder/bell ringer
  • Calling out Lap times
  • Timekeepers

Basic Ground Rules

  • At the Waverley Shield Meets ONLY parents and family are allowed inside the track.
  • At all other Meets only competitors & officials are allowed inside the track. Allowance is made for parents of very young children to escort them to their event, however you must then leave your child at the event and move out of track bounds.
  • No athletes or parents are permitted to walk across the centre of the track, they must go around the outside.
  • Spikes can only be worn inside the track area, otherwise they must be removed.
  • Any concerns you have should be reported to your club rep or manager in the first instance.

Officials & Starters Required

Every year the same (volunteer) officials attend to the running of the different competitions, without whom our sport would basically cease to exist.
Most of the officials no longer have children competing (grandchildren more likely) and perform their roles for the love of the sport.
We urgently need more officials to be trained up in the respective roles.