Competition Fee at Senior Events

Senior meetings at Surrey Park have a competition fee of $6.00 for registered athletes regardless of the number of events entered.This applies to all club members of the age 12 and over.

Casual competitors are welcome - fee for non-club members is $8.00.
Under 12’s the fee is $2.00

Please pay at results desk before competing.
Southland Championship events have a separate entry fee.

Safety First




Safety is everyone’s concern and all who participate in athletics, whether competitor, official, organiser, coach, teacher or parent, must be safety conscious. All involved in athletics meetings and training sessions, whether at Surrey Park or other venues, should be familiar with the Athletics Southland safety policy and safety guidelines.

Outside of organised meets, athletics is an individual sport with athletes often training by themselves or in small groups. This puts the emphasis on individuals to look after themselves and each other when training. So individuals must also be aware of the safety issues.

Remember too, Surrey Park and most athletic grounds, including school grounds, are used by the general public for recreation and training. Athletes and groups training MUST be aware of others in the area, particularly children, who may not appreciate the potential dangers.

The safety requirements here cover both Surrey Park and outside venues and should also be observed by schools using their own grounds.

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Development Squad Nomination

Selection to New Zealand Track & Field Championships

Southland teams will be selected to compete at New Zealand Track & Field Championships.
Athletes who are not selected to represent Southland can still enter as individuals representing their clubs, providing they meet the Athletics New Zealand entry standards.
These entry standards are issued by Athletics New Zealand each year and are available on their website (Click Here). Funding assistance usually is available for selected athletes subject to its availability.
Athletes needs to better or equal standards at least once during the qualifying period set by the Southland selectors, as well as prove form closer to the Championships and show a competitive attitude.

Selection Criteria:

  • Athletes must meet the Athletics NZ and Athletics Southland standards.
  • Only non-wind aided performances will be accepted.
  • Performances in mixed gender or mixed age groups are acceptable.
  • Performances should be achieved under circumstances acceptable for records.
  • All performances must be achieved during competitions organized by member organizations of Athletic New Zealand.
  • All athletes must compete in the Southland Track & Field Championships unless a written dispensation has been sought and approved by the Southland Track & Field Committee.
  • Each athlete selected must be able to bring credit to themselves, the sport and Athletics Southland.
  • RELAYS: All athletes selected for individual events must make themselves available for relays if required.
  • Please direct any enquiries regarding funding assistance or selection to the Southland Track & Field Committee.

Athletics Southland ILT Development Programme

The development programme is for Southland’s young athletes who aspire to go further in their sport by recognizing and supporting talent, achievement and potential.  It sets a foundation that will hopefully see more Southlanders progress to international level.

Programme Goals

Educate Athletes and their coaches on good training practices, enabling them to prepare for the next competitive level in the sport.
Provide assistance to enable athletes and their coaches to compete in the environment required for them to achieve their athletic goals without having to sever links with the province.
Provide a supportive, fun, team environment of peers & mentors.
Provide a path to the National Performance programme with eventual inclusion in an Athletics New Zealand squad and carding by Athletics New Zealand by having athletes commit to the criteria required of national squad athletes.  This includes athlete and coach working with squad and strand leaders and support services, having pre-agreed performance targets, the commitment to achieve them and following suitable planning procedures (competition, training, career, performance monitoring etc.)
And above all, provide an environment where athletes are continually challenging themselves.

The Programme is in three tiers organized on a Squad basis:

Emerging Talent Squad - introductory level, recognition of talented young athletes in the 12 to 15 year age group. The primary object of the Emerging Talent Squad is to fill the ‘void’ between Children’s and Senior athletics as well as providing a good foundation in the sports principles of training, competing and following pathways to realize potential

Development Squad - the next step for athletes showing superior ability and a commitment to the sport, aged 16 to 23.

Elite Squad - Athletes of WU20 / MU20 and Senior grades that attain elite levels in their events and are members of National Squads. There will be some cross over between the Development and Elite Squads. Selection is by the directors, who will also decide which Squad athletes will belong to.

Getting into the Emerging Talent Squad is on performance and potential.

Staying there is on performance. Athletes must achieve good results and show that they want to progress in the sport.

And to stay in the Squad they must keep getting results and keep showing commitment.

Selection to the respective squads is by Directors in consultation with selectors and coaches.

Enquiries to Squad Facilitator: 

It is a requirement of all squad members to be a registered member of the sport, if you are not registered you cannot take part in squad activities or benefit from squad financial subsidies.